The Four Step Framework for Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids!

Are you ready to finally master that "fancy camera" that’s gathering dust and start taking the beautiful, frame-worthy photos you envisioned when you bought it? In this training you'll discover

ready to take action?

  • How FINALY learning to use my camera got me beautiful blurry backgrounds and crisp, sharp pictures
  • The three biggest mistakes I see beginners make when they buy a fancy camera
  • An overview of my simple, four step framework for taking beautiful, frame-worthy photos with the camera you already have!
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(with the camera you already have!)

You don't have to be a pro, or have the best equipment to take beautiful photos of your kids.

Student results

You just have to have the right skill set to maximize your camera, and tell it exactly what to do for the results you are after. I've taught dozens upon dozens of moms how to take beautiful photos of their kids, like Emily, a member of my signature course, Frame-Worthy, who with the exact same camera went from camera frustration to taking beautiful, professional looking pictures of her daughter. 



same mom, same camera, new skill set.

student review

"The best gift I ever gave myself was your course."

- Presley, Frame-worthy Student

But it didn't start out that way...

Today I'm a professional photographer

I'm not shy to admit that I'm not a natural born creative. I didn't pick up a camera and immediately start taking incredible photos. The truth is that I'm not a creative person, but I've created a framework and system for producing creativity. Don't believe me? Some of my early work, with top of the libne professional equipment is here on the left. These photos were shot with thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment back in 2015. Fast forward, and the images on the right were captured with gear that cost 1/3rd of the cost of that top of the line gear. It's gear I bought USED and that is basic entry level equipment. The difference? Simply the skill set. 

started from the bottom...

now we here ;)


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