Online courses that teach moms how to go from camera frustration, to their personal family photographer.

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Are you ready to FINALLY learn how to use that fancy camera?

I've heard it time and time again...You bought that "fancy camera" when your kiddos were born with visions of beautiful, light and bright pictures of your magical every day moments captured effortlessly...But every time you go to reach for that camera, you find yourself overcome with a sense of frustration. By the time you've got your camera out and have figured out which buttons to press, the moment has passed and you feel more defeated than ever. You ultimately just grab your iPhone and take a few snapshots so you have SOMETHING to show for the moment. 

Wouldn't it be so nice to have an easy, simply to follow framework that would allow you to FINALLY get the results your after and start capturing your family's joy, love and connection?

I've cracked the code on making photography easy to learn, making it FUN and stress free, and I'm sharing all of that with you through online workshops, tutorials and free resources. 

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I'm Courtney, Mom of Two and Professional Photographer

I teach moms how to FINALLY conquer their cameras to capture beautiful pictures... but most importantly, be their personal family photography and storyteller, capturing all the little moments they'll never want to forget. 

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I was half joking, half serious when I said frame-worthy was life changing. I've always loved photography and to have the skills to take pictures of my family brings me so much joy!

- Kristi, Frame-worthy student and mom of two

kristi's results!

Math nerd turned creative, I turned my love of numbers into an easy to follow formula for creativity.

In a way that is simple and easy to understand. I teach you the simple, easy to understand skills you need for success, without the overwhelm and frustration, so that you can capture your family's joy, love and priceless memories and capture memories you can enjoy together for a lifetime (and beyond!).

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Photography Terms Cheat Sheet

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, OH MY! If you feel overwhelmed by all the terms, inverse relationships and technical jargon photography comes with, grab this freebie now!



Helping moms capture beautiful, frame-worthy photos, because


Since 2018, I've been teaching moms how to capture beautiful moments using their DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras in the same way I capture my own family - with joy, love and attention to the tiniest details we'll never want to forget.

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